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Laser Therapy

Experience the healing effects of a real monochromatic Laser Therapy. True Laser Therapy consists of using a single wavelength of pure light used to initiate a cellular response. Certain wavelengths of light elicit specific changes within cells. One wavelength can release energy in the cell for healing, rejuvenating or dividing; another can initiate the production of blood vessels in the damaged tissues.

There is a specific wavelength to slow down the conduction of nerves to reduce pain sensation and a fourth wavelength to reduce swelling and inflammation superficially. Laser Therapy is a safe, effective and affordable modality of choice for a variety of acute and chronic painful conditions

Our MR4 lasers contain integrated technology to include four clinically proven wavelengths: 470 nm, 660 nm, 875 nm and 905 nm to cover the entire therapeutic spectrum for optimal tissue rejuvenation and pain relief. The MR4 Laserstim emitter also has an integrated TENS unit using electrical impedance to target areas of swelling and inflammation and reduce muscle spasms.

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